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Why DeVries?


The smell of freshly cut grass, the scent of perennials in bloom, the sight of healthy, green lawns, the warm glow from a home with newly installed lighting—these are just a few of the perks of my job. Every day, I realize how fortunate I am to spend my days in a business that provides the finest outdoor care for so many people.

Our employees are one of a kind. You will experience friendly, caring and professional people who are available to answer your calls, handle your accounts, and make sure you are completely satisfied with our service. Your experience with DeVries will be genuine. You will deal with team leaders who are respectful and determined to provide quality, professional results with the highest level of customer service. You will have crews working for you that pay close attention to detail. These are some of the reasons we have been serving our community for over 50 years. At DeVries, we will exceed your expectations.  It is our job to impress you and we look forward to doing just that!

Thank you for visiting us here, We look forward to serving you.

Bill Pringle


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Main Service Areas

DeVries services the greater Grand Rapids area with the finest commercial and residential outdoor care. Service areas vary. 

Contact us at 616-669-0500 for more information.

Your lawn mowing technician found my phone in East Grand Rapids. He took the time to drive it to the police department, but they were closed. He then called someone on the phone, got my address and delivered it to my house! Your lawn mowing employee has restored my faith in humanity.

Phone Owner

East Grand Rapids I June '19

Turf Tip

White Grubs

White grubs (European chafer, May and June beetles) are small, plump, white larvae which viciously chew on grass roots. They live below the soil surface and actually chew off the roots of the grass. Learn more about White grubs and how to control them here.