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Leaf Disease

There are several types of leaf diseases that you may notice take over your leaves in certain conditions. Learn about some of these leaf diseases below.

What is Leaf Spot Disease?

If your lawn is being watered and fertilized but still seems yellowish, it could be due to Leaf Spot Disease (better known as Leaf Disease). This disease is a fungus that attacks the blades of grass. Leaf spots are small circles with yellow centers and dark borders on, and along, the leaf blade. The disease can be a problem when the weather is cool and moist. Leaf spots occur most often in lawns that are mowed too short.

How does Leaf Spot Disease spread?

Leaf Disease spreads in the form of spores throughout your lawn by wind, air, water, and humans. The disease may reappear from year to year if conditions are met. Improper watering and mowing may cause the disease.

Leaf spots occur most often in lawns that are mowed too short.

What is Dollar Spot?

Dollar Spot is a disease that can occur in lawns during warm weather. The fungus enters the grass plants when they are wet. Large, tan-colored wounds appear on the grass blades. These infected grass blades form rounded, damaged patches the size of a silver dollar. If the disease becomes more serious, the patches will expand and damage the entire lawn.

Image of Leaf Blight occurs on lawns during hot humid weather.

What is Leaf Blight?

Leaf Blight occurs on lawns during hot and humid weather. The disease enters the grass plants after evening mowing, followed by excessive night watering. In heavily infested patches, the fungus damages the lawn in circular or tubular patches that often form large bleached areas. Close inspection of the plant reveals individual leaves dying from the tip down with a brownish purple line running horizontally across the plant.

Controlling Common Leaf Diseases

The best method of control is for the homeowner to alter the present lawncare practices. Avoid allowing water to sit on the grass overnight and mowing in the evening. Prune trees to encourage more air movement. Also, keeping the thatch layer to less than ½” (1 cm) and proper fertility should be done to prevent the occurrence of these diseases. Promoting a healthy lawn is the key.

Contact your local Weed Man today to help control leaf diseases!

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